The Benefits Of Building Your Website With Craft CMS

The Benefits Of Building Your Website With Craft CMS

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Why we love Craft CMS

Craft CMS out-of-the-box custom field types, an easy-to-use Control Panel for content editors, content structures, and elegant templating for developers make it one of the most flexible and powerful content management systems in the market.

Our clients love it

Our clients often tell us how straightforward to use craft developer is almost every time we launch a new website. While we have always been complimented for the website we develop, we now praise the CMSV build send-on. Clients handing out CMS-specific praises was initially unheard of before Craft. Nowadays, it is a regular occurrence.

A Thriving development community

With more than 200 official craft partners and thousands of experienced developers around the globe, craft CMS currently powers almost 80,000 websites and is far away from proprietary.

Content flexibility

Instead of having one generic entry content type like most CMS platforms, Craft CMS divides the entries into three different categories or sections: channels, singles, and structures.


Channels are for repeatable content like blog posts, news, or even A-Z dictionary content generally ordered alphabetically or by date.


Singles are for on-off pages like an About page or a Homepage. Although it is a minor feature, it is the general public’s favorite. Since the beginning, content managing on-off pages has been slightly awkward, but Craft CMS makes complete sense.


These are for repeatable content that you wish to control the order of, like employees on a team page or maybe a list of services on your Service page. Once you get a following of this, it is a huge selling point for Craft CMS.


Craft also offers globals, a place for storing content that does not quite fit into an entity. Globals are used for content like your company address, primary phone numbers, and social media links. These snippets of the content may be used many times throughout your website but don’t belong to a particular entry or page.

Custom field types

At last, the Craft CMS field types, especially Matrix Fields, allow you to manage complex editorial-styled pages without needing a code. There are also plenty of custom fields on offer in the Craft plug-in store.

Live preview

Right out of the box Craft’s live preview feature is the best in the market. It is crucial for content editors to check the effects of their content changes before they stream live, and live preview offers you to do just that in real-time directly from the crafts control panel.

A premium platform with an open-source foundation

Craft is developed on mature open source frameworks like YII and Twig, which is extensible through plug-ins as per need. YII is a fast, professional, and secure PHP framework that was launched in December 2008 and Twig is a fantastic templating language for PHP that was released shortly later in 2009.


If you desire more abilities with your websites and are tired of security hacks and other CMS shortcomings, look no further than Craft and its massive list of features on offer for your next website development project. You can easily visit us to know more.