What Does A Link Builder Aim To Do

What Does A Link Builder Aim To Do

People often don’t understand what is looked for or gained when link building. They often don’t  realise the pressures and difficulties of it. And that’s mainly because they go about it the wrong way or have simply not asked the correct questions. This post will walk through the mind set of what a link builder should be looking at doing and the different elements they look for in links. This post will not tell you what link types to gain but it will say why different types are used.

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The Diagram

The picture above shows a hierarchy of links and next to them some of the main assets. Its not all about the golden link or just the flow, its the whole mix. The only way to make this work properly is to do is as naturally as it can be done. I will go through each area one by one.

Relevancy Links

You need links pointing to your website that are similar in topic to your own website. The closer the better. This builds the theme and trust up in what you are talking about. These seo marketing los angeles links need to flow regularly and don’t necessarily need the highest amount of authority. The more the better but the main aim with these is regular relevancy.

Higher Quality & Diversity

This is where the authority is built up. You want authority in the websites pointing to yours, of different types of affordable search engine optimization. Again regular but not as regular and in theme where possible, especially the exact page that’s linking to your website.

The other part of the diversity is the social signals. You want a flow from different social media marketing for ecommerce to show your website is being talked about.

The Golden Nugget – Top Quality

It is not everyday you find a website of this quality where you can get a local seo company los angeles link back to your website, So it can help with you in gym marketing. These types of links have high page authority, rich in themed content and trusted by many. (Or as close to that as possible :-))

A Sum Up

These links are not gained by just sitting at a machine submitting forms all day. They are gained by great content and media, a growing network, great work and a website people want to use. The seo optimization services inc needs to be higher for more competitive phrases and you need to ensure everything you do ties back to your overall online aims.