Warnings about Protein Powders

Taking whey clear liquid proteins is great as we all know but sometimes we need to be very careful what were taking so here’s a warning about protein powders that you should be aware of while using it.

The commonly used protein powders include whey, casein, soy and egg white varieties. Whey clear liquid protein is a fast acting protein which helps to reduce the effects of muscle damage immediately after an intense training session.

clear liquid protein

Casein protein is a slow acting protein which helps to continue the repair process long after the training session. However, a natural source of both whey and casein protein can be found in milk, so which is the best smoothie ingredient powder or milk? The answer is a matter of personal choice and taste. Generally, the closer a foodstuff stays to its natural state, the more nutritional value it maintains. Protein powders are convenient to use but the amino acid content, and therefore the useable protein content, varies greatly from product to product so it pays to read labels carefully as powders can be expensive.

The added bonus of low-fat milk is that it not only provides a source of high quality protein, but also calcium, zinc and phosphorus. Calcium is a vital component of healthy bones and teeth, zinc is essential for normal body growth, and phosphorus is needed for the release of energy from cells and to regulate the activity of proteins.

Non-fat yogurt also provides a good source of calcium and phosphorus, and adds a creamy texture to a smoothie without adding fat. Dangers of a High Protein Diet Eating too much protein is counterproductive as your body cannot store it. Any excess in your diet will be converted into glucose for energy or stored as fat. High protein intake can also lead to: A lack of carbohydrate fuel if protein foods are eaten in place of carbohydrate foods which will lead to fatigue and limit your performance in training. Increased urine production which can lead to dehydration. Increased risk of stress fractures due to the accelerated calcium excretion caused by the above.

Potential to lead to too much fat in the diet (meat sources) and thereby an increased risk of heart disease and other conditions associated with increased body fat. Many carbohydrate-rich foods also contain good sources of quality protein, including leafy vegetables, oatmeal and whole grain rice, meaning that the recommended daily intake of protein is generally met through eating a healthy, balanced diet.

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Best Protein Water in Australia

Protein water are commonly praised among the body building enthusiasts and the athletes. Now a days as interest of people is growing about their health and nutrition so it is becoming more common among the masses to take diet that is rich in nutrition. Protein is an important constituent of our diet and thus protein water are now becoming a part of our daily use items. Although the core objective of protein water was to acquire the energy lost during any workout or an athletic performance but now it is widely used for gaining mass and also for losing weight. Now the question arises do they really help? We will try to answer as many as possible of the questions arising in your mind in this comprehensive guide.


Before we talk about protein water let’s have a quick look on the meaning of the word protein. Our body is not only composed of a single material, in fact there are a lot of chemical combinations involved in it and proteins are one of the major components of our body. Protein is the basic builder of many of human body’s major building blocks like muscles, bones, skin, enzymes, hormones and tissues. An average adult person’s body has about 10 to 12 kg of protein stored in different skeletal muscles. If protein become deficient in the body it is impossible for the body to produce biochemical components required for cardiovascular activities. Its deficiency can also lead to slow growth of muscles and can also slowdown the process of muscle healing, thus it would be difficult for anyone to work above his capacity.

protein water
protein water

Although you should have never taken special proteins in your diet until now but that’s not the fact as they are included in many daily use food items including milk, meat, beans, eggs, seeds, nuts and legumes. Protein water are also a source to increase the amount of protein in our body.

What are Protein Water?

In the past and even nowadays, protein water are commonly used by the athletes for regaining their energy that is being lost in their workouts. Protein water are a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats or we can simply say that protein water are the drinks which compose protein powder; sugar, water and milk are blended with it. There is a large variety of protein water available in the market and it could be either in form of cans or in powdered form. Mostly protein in the powder is obtained from the following:

  • Whey
  • Soy
  • Egg
  • Casein

Why protein water are praised among bodybuilders?

The most common use of protein water is among the body builders who are trying to improve their muscles strength and muscle mass. Whenever we lift weights or do exercises our muscles contracts and results into microscopic tears in our muscles and that is the major reason of the pain after heavy workouts. The average days taken by a muscle to heal those tears are 1 to 2 and the job of healing is done by protein. Protein rebuilds the muscle fibers so your muscle can heal and grow at the same time. The muscle healing period may differ for those people who have never done workouts or heavy exercises ever in their life. Many people who start body building cannot move their effected muscles for even one week.

Mostly body builders or athletes drink protein water before doing a workout to gain the maximum amount of energy to enhance their workout period or to optimize the capacity of their muscles to lift weights. But these are not the primary purposes of the protein supplements, these are just like the helpers for our body and they help in building or growing muscles efficiently. Water along with carbohydrates can be used instead of protein water for optimizing your muscle capacity for some time. In fact it’s the carbohydrates in protein water which help to enhance the workout and many people relate it solely to protein water. At the same time it depends entirely on you to take protein water before or after workout.

What are the benefits of Protein Water?

According to the chief executive officer and also the co founder of the International Society of Sports and Nutrition (ISSN) it is difficult for the people to just take a meal a before the workout therefore these ready to drink shakes are the best alternative that any man can have. ISSN also claim protein water to be the safest alternative source for the protein.

  • Liquids have also more protein availability as compared to the solid forms of the protein.
  • Help in building your muscles rapidly and help them grow at a much faster pace.
  • Let your muscles build and help them to gain more mass.
  • It repairs your muscles and thus provides you relief from pain of those tiny tears which are brought by initial stage of body building and also when you have done heavy workouts.
  • As your muscles grow it also help you in increasing your stamina and thus helps to increase the time period of your workouts.
  • Our body absorbs liquid faster and use them in body functions therefore these are more helpful than solid protein sources.


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Best Whey Protein Shakes

Whey protein shakes are unbeatable favorites nowadays – and not only among the bodybuilders and professional athletes. Many of us – common people – choose whey protein for our personal needs and purposes. Some of us want to lose weight, some – in the opposite – to gain; and we all would like to achieve our goals in the most pleasant and healthy way.

First of all, let’s find out, why the whey protein shakes are so highly recommended and so popular.

The thing is, that whey protein is produced from milk – from the whey, to be exact. The share of the whey protein in milk is approximately 20%. It’s distinguishing feature is a very high speed of assimilation by the human body. Whey protein contains all essential amino acids and because of it’s high speed of digestion it has a positive effect on the body for 1.5 – 2 hours, so it is actually recommended to use small amounts of whey protein shakes at frequent intervals (let’s say, every 3 – 4 hours). Many professional bodybuilders believe, that whey protein is just one perfect product, that is ideal for using immediately after your workouts.

water based protein drinks
water based protein drinks

How to make whey protein shakes by yourself? This is the main concern for athletes and bodybuilders.

To be honest, the easiest way is to make it from a protein mixture (protein powder, that is offered nowadays by many companies, that are producting healthy food), but also there are many other recipes for delicious and nutritious beverage that should complement your daily meals. Remember, that without the well balanced nutrition of a fine quality you will not be able to build muscles. More than that – in general to withstand adequately the stress of power training (especially with weights), that is necessary for the right construction of your body mass, the right and healthy food, taken in the proper time, is essential. Also it is good to remember, that you can not rely on a vegetarian diet – even if it is supported by the best whey protein shakes, it does not make sense for the athletic purposes. These are the facts derived from the basic physiology of muscle activity and nutrition, and trying to trick the nature will bring you no good.

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